When will this coding bootcamp start?

Early 2019.

Is there collaboration with local employers?

Yep! We’re going to be partnering with companies in Onondaga County that will hire students upon completion of the program.

What is considered a distressed community? What type of documentation is needed to show this?

Areas / folks that are living underneath the poverty line. We will require a tax return before accepted into the program.


What does this cost?

100% FREE with laptop included! If you complete the program, you get to keep the laptop. Sweet deal right?

What skill level is this bootcamp targeting?

No coding experience required! We’re seeking folks with a passion for technology looking to transform their careers.

Why is it required that I provide a tax return and salary information?

This boot camp geared toward women & minorities from distressed communities looking to transform their careers, so we require that information on the application form.

Partners / Employers

I’m interesting in supporting this program.

Awesome! Shoot us an email at team@hackupstate.com. We’d love to chat.